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Factory sale CBB21 capacitor 250V 334J small loss. Type: Film capacitor. Deviation: ±5% (J) ±10% (K) Application: General. Packing type: through hole. Warranty: Unconditional replenishment. Inquiry Now The 3 digit capacitor code 334 stands for 330 nF, in words: three hundred and thirty nanofarads capacitance. This is a simple online calculator for color band resistor marking, inductor color band marking, ceramic or tantalum capacitor 3 digit marking and SMD resistor 3-digit, 4-digit, 10%, 5%, 2% and EIA-96 (E96) 1% tolerance code marking CJE CJE CBB21-400V-334J US$0.1 LCSC electronic components online Capacitors CBB Capacitors(polypropylene film) leaded datasheet+inventory and pricin

Capacitor 400v Cbb22 334j Cbb21 Capacitors 334k Capacitor Cbb21 334j 400v Film Cbb22 Capacitors Emi Hot Sale In India South Korea Noise Filter Capacitor 400v Film Cbb22 Circuit 334j 250v Cbb21 Capacitors 334k 0.33uf 330nf. US $0.03-$0.03 / Piece 0.1uf 1250v 224J Starting Polypropylene Film Capacitor,Best Selling Cbb21 334J 450V 0.1uf Polypropylene Film Capacitor $0.20-$0.30 / Piece 10000 Pieces (Min. Order These calculators can convert the 3-digit value codes and alphabetical tolerance codes found on some capacitors into the corresponding value and vice-versa. Both parts of each calculator work separately - you do not have to enter both value code and tolerance code. Details of capacitor markings can be found in the technical data section As first two digits are 10 and the 3 rd digit is 4, so multiplier factor is 10000, the total capacitance value in pF is as follows: 10*10000 = 100000 pF . Similarly if the capacitor code is 152, the 3 rd digit is 2 so multiplier factor is 100. The capacitance value will be calculated as follows: 15*100 = 1500 p

Over time, a series of standard capacitor values have evolved, just as with resistors and inductors. Capacitors are available in a huge range of package styles, voltage and current handling capacities, dielectric types, quality factors, and many other parameters. Still, they largely hold to this range of values 0.1 - 1 pF, 1 - 10 pF, 10 - 100 pF, 100 - 1000 pF, 1 - 10 nF, 10 - 100 nF, 100 - 1000 nF, 1 - 10 μF, 10 - 100 μF, 100 - 1000 μF. The 3 digit capacitor code 333 stands for 33 nF, in words: thirty-three nanofarads capacitance. This is a simple online calculator for color band resistor marking, inductor color band marking, ceramic or tantalum. Weidy 334J 630V Capacitor, Voltage: 630 Volt, Capacitance: 0.33UF, | ID: 21487801230 Look for a tolerance value. Some capacitors list a tolerance, or the maximum expected range in capacitance compared to its listed value. This isn't important in all circuits, but you may need to pay attention to this if you require a precise capacitor value. For example, a capacitor labeled 6000uF +50%/-70% could actually have a capacitance as high as 6000uF + (6000 * 0.5) = 9000uF, or as low as 6000 uF - (6000uF * 0.7) = 1800uF

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Calculate Capacitor Values. This calculator is used to find the value of a capacitor from the 3 digit code printed on its side. Enter the code in the box below and then hit the button to calculate the value of the capacitor. If the rightmost digit is zero, then the code may be a value in pF instead of the 3-digit code... example: 100 should indicate 10pF but it may instead be a marking of the. Most capacitors actually have the numeric values stamped on them, however, some are color coded and some have alphanumeric codes. The capacitor's first and second significant number IDs and are the first and second values, followed by the multiplier number code, followed by the percentage tolerance letter code. Usually the first two digits of the code represent the significant part of the.

Common Ceramic Capacitor Tags* Capacitor (108) 0.1 pF Capacitor (158) 0.15 pF Capacitor (228) 0.22 pF Capacitor (338) 0.33 pF Capacitor (478) 0.47 pF Capacitor (688) 0.68 pF Capacitor (109) 1.0 pF Capacitor (159) 1.5 pF Capacitor (229) 2.2 pF Capacitor (339) 3.3 pF Capacitor (479) 4.7 pF Capacitor (689) 6.8 pF Capacitor (100) 10 pF Capacitor (150) 15 pF Capacitor (220) 22 pF Capacitor (330) 33. 330nF (0.33uF - 334J) - 400V Polyester Film Capacitor; Description ; Reviews (0) 330nF (0.33uF - 334J) - 400V Polyester Film Capacitor. Write a review. Please or register to review * Product Images are shown for illustrative purposes only and may differ from actual product. 330nF (0.33uF - 334J) - 400V Polyester Film Capacitor. 2A333J 100V 0.033uF(33nF) Polyester Film Capacitor, 500pcs/lot; Search Go. 2A333J 100V 0.033uF(33nF) Polyester Film Capacitor, 500pcs/lot. Email to a Friend. Be the first to review this product. Availability: In stock. $6.00. Buy 10 for $5.50 each and save 9 % Buy 15 for $5.00 each. Capacitor values can be of over 10 9 range, and even more as super capacitors are now being used. To prevent confusion with large numbers of zeros attached to the values of the different capacitors the common prefixes pico (10-12), nano (10-9) and micro (10-6) are widely used. When converting between these it is sometimes useful to have a capacitor conversion chart or capacitor conversion.

So capacitor values are usually given with a prefix. Often you are going to work with capacitors values in pico-farads to micro-farads. To make this simpler to deal with, I'm going to show you how the prefixes work. A prefix is something you put in front of the farad symbol (F). It tells you what you have to multiply the number with. For example 1 pF means 1 F multiplied with the prefix p. In this video, I have discussed how to read and understand the ceramic capacitor value from the capacitor code with some capacitor code examples like 22 pf,. 333K Film Capacitors are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for 333K Film Capacitors The Capacitor Value Calculator will convert the three digit code into a capacitance value. The Capacitor Code Calculator will convert a value into a code. Breaking the Capacitor Code. The formula that the capacitor value calculator uses isn't really all that difficult, and one that you could memorize and do in your head. Really, its not that hard! Let's break that 3 digit code! The.

Pressure value: 400 (V) Equivalent series resistance (ESR): 1 (mΩ) 400V 334J 0.33UF Pitch 15mm 400V 330NF CBB22 334J400V Polypropylene Film Capacitor 334J (5Psc) quantity. Add to cart. Category: CAPACITORS. Description Reviews (0) Description High frequency loss is small The internal temperature is small high insulation resistance, good self-healing, long life Widely used in high frequency. CJE CJE CBB21-630V-334J US$0.13 LCSC electronic components online Capacitors CBB Capacitors(polypropylene film) leaded datasheet+inventory and pricing Help Track My Orde

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CJECJE CBB21-400V-334JCBB Capacitors(polypropylene film

Capacitance : 0.33uF (334J). Temperature Range: -40~105℃. Temperature Range: -40~105℃. 10Pcs Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor 630V 0.33uF 330nF 334 334J CBB22 | eBa Buy the best and latest 334j capacitor on banggood.com offer the quality 334j capacitor on sale with worldwide free shipping

Capacitor energy calculator To calculate capacitor charge in Coulombs and capacitor energy in Joule, enter the rated capacitance of the capacitor and the voltage it is charged to. Switch between the input fields to automatically calculate the values CL21 capacitor 225J 250V 684J 764J 225K 105J 155K 102J 103J 104J 334J 400v 630v cbb 21 22 Polypropylene Film CL21 Capacitor US $0.01-$1.00 / Piece 10 Pieces (Min. Order

The 3 digit capacitor code u33 stands for 3 nF, in words: three nanofarads capacitance. This is a simple online calculator for color band resistor marking, inductor color band marking, ceramic or tantalum capacitor 3 digit marking and SMD resistor 3-digit, 4-digit, 10%, 5%, 2% and EIA-96 (E96) 1% tolerance code marking RATED VOLTAGE : 310 VAC, 50 ~ 60 Hz. 3. CAPACITANCE RANGE : 0.1 μ F ~ 0.47μF. 4. CAPACITANCE TOLERANCE : J (±5﹪), K (±10﹪), M (±20﹪), U (+10-5﹪) 5. DIELECTRIC : METALLIZED POLYPROPYLENE FILM (COATING MATERIALS:Al-Zn) 6. DISSIPATION FACTOR TAN δ : LESS THAN 0.1﹪ AT 1K Hz/20 ℃ Also, sometimes capacitors are marked with the capital letter K to signify a value of one thousand pico-Farads, so for example, a capacitor with the markings of 100K would be 100 x 1000pF or 100nF. To reduce the confusion regarding letters, numbers and decimal points, an International colour coding scheme was developed many years ago as a simple way of identifying capacitor values and tolerances 0100-6514-18: 0100651418: Capacitor, Fixed, Metallized, Paper: Capacitance Value per Section: 0.500 microfarads single section Terminal Type and Quantity: 2 uninsulated wire lead Body Style: W/O mtg facilities, terminals on opposite surfaces: 1305 Capacitance Value per Section: 0.100 microfarads single section Terminal Type and Quantity: 2 uninsulated wire lead Body Style: 22B W/O mtg facilities, radial terminals: Nichicon America Corp. (55680) Quote. HES212G400X5L : 5910-01-249-4737: Capacitor, Fixed, Electrolytic:.

330nF (0.33uF - 334J) - 400V Polyester Film Capacitor 1206 (3216) Chip Capacitor 1pF ~ 22uF SMD / SMT Capacitors RoHS Metal film resistor 1% 1/2W Metal film resistor 1% 1/4W Metal film resistor 1% 1/8W Metal film resistor 1% 1W Metal film resistor 1% 2W( 1 Ohm to 910 Ohm) Metal film resistor 1% 2W( 1K Ohm to 910K Ohm) Monolithic Capacitor 10pF to 10uF 50V P=5.08mm Ceramic Disc Capacitor 1pF to 100nF 50 Tantalum Capacitor TGXZGT ;Standard value and case size. SCN ,SVN Series W.V Cap.( ô) 4V (0G) 6.3V (0J) 10V (1A) 16V (1C) 20V (1D) 25V (1E) 35V (1V) 0.15 154 A 0.22 224 A 0.33 334 A A 0.47 474 A A B 0.68 684 A A 1.0 105 A A B 1.5 155 A A B 2.2 225 A A B C 3.3 335 A B C C C 4.7 475 B C C C D 6.8 685 B C C C D D 10 106 B C C C D D 15 156 C C C D D 22 226 C C D D 33 336 C D D 47 476 D D 68 686 D. The capacitor's first and second significant number IDs and are the first and second values, followed by the multiplier number code, followed by the percentage tolerance letter code. Usually the first two digits of the code represent the significant part of the value, while the third digit, called the multiplier, corresponds to the number of zeros to be added to the first two digits. After that, the differences may show up. Use this information as a guideline and at your own risk. If you are. HEW720-100V-4703G, HEW-757-100V-334J, HEW7-600V104L, HEW761-600V-302J, HEW-794-200V-204K, HEW-860-100V-104F, HEW863UW.47UF5PCT100V, HEW-93, HEW98, HEW9810406W2. Get a quote and buy Capacitors. Fulfillment operation is ISO certified. PartTarget.com - Meet Superior Sourcing for NSN Parts. HOME: QUOTE. SELL. FSCs. NSN. QUALITY: ABOUT: CONTACT MFG NSN. Advanced NSN Search. FSCs > FSG 59.

Une envie de 334j capacitor? N'allez pas plus loin! Nous proposons des milliers de produits dans toutes les catégories de vente, afin de satisfaire toutes vos envies. Des grandes marques aux vendeurs plus originaux, du luxe à l'entrée de gamme, vous trouverez TOUT sur AliExpress, avec un service de livraison rapide et fiable, des modes de paiement sûrs et pratiques, quel que soit le.

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Tedss has capacitors in stock and can ship today. Electrolytic Capacitors, Aluminum Capacitors, Film Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors, Tantalum Capacitors, Mica Capacitors, Glass Capacitors, Oil Capacitors, Surface Mount Capacitors, Variable and Fixed Capacitors Total Value [USD] Unit Price [USD] Importer Name Supplier Name; 27/Mar/2020: 85322900: EM-334J-0910-1001 # & Polypropylene polyethylene film capacitors EM-334J-0910-1001 334J +/- 5% / 100V size: 9.5 * 10.5 * 3.7mm long guide pin 3 ~ 4mm: China: piece/pcs: 5,000.00: 185.00: 0.04: View Importer: View Supplier: 25/Mar/2020: 85322500 : Fixed capacitor 0.224 mF-310V for heater (made from. Cheap Capacitors, Buy Quality Electronic Components & Supplies Directly from China Suppliers:10pcs CBB 630V 102J 222J 472J 332J 103J 153J 223J 333J 473J 683J 104J 154J 224J 334J 474J 564J 684J 824J 105J 155J 205J 225J 335 Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return MET: Capacitor Type ( MET for Metallized Capacitor) 333: Capacitor Value 400: Capacitor Voltage J: Tolrence (J= +/-5%) W T H P d . P10: Pitch Size P=10mm Remarks: This part-number are only applicable for ordering this item from Hanway. 1、Model/type:Only for CL21 Metalized Polypropylene Film Capacitor (*CL21 is a material type, defined by factory) 2、Climate category:55/085/21 3. 10pcs CBB capacitor 630V 102~225 1nF~2.2uF Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor All Values. US $0.79. 4.9 (302) 277 Orders. 10PCS CBB Polypropylene film capacitor 400V 475J 225J 105J 155J 125J 185J 824J 564J 474J 224J 104J 154J 684J 683J 473J 223J 103J. US $0.76

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CSD Capacitor MER Metallized 225j 334j 250v 400v Polyester Film Capacitor, US $ 0.022 - 1 / Piece, CL21, Polyester Film Capacitor, Guangdong, China.Source from Shenzhen Chuangshiding Electronics Co., Ltd. on Alibaba.com Electronic Component Parts2021 Electronic Components Industry Services Inductors Integrated Circuits Magnets & Heads Manufacturing Supplies Modules Motors & Electromechanicals Optoelectronic Components Optoelectronic Displays Plugs & Sockets Power Supplies, Batteries & Accessories Printed Circuit Boards Quartz Crystal/Quartz Oscillators Relays & Keyboards Resistors Electronic Components. 10pc CBB 154J 224J 225J 334J 474J 564J 684J 824J 105J 155J 205J 335J 630V 104J 102J 222J 472J 332J 103J 153J 223J 333J 473J 683J. $0.71 . 10PCS 630V474J 0.47UF 470NF Pitch 20MM 630V 474J 470J630V CBB Polypropylene Film Capacitor. $0.83. 10PCS 630V224J 0.22UF Pitch 15mm 224 630V 220nf igmopnrq CBB Polypropylene film capacitor new. $0.90. 140pcs 14 Value ±10% 630V Polyester Fixed Capacitor.

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330nF/400V (0.33uF - 334J) - Polyester Film Capacitor ₹ 8 • Value: 220nF • Voltage Rating: 100V. Note: Product Images are shown for illustrative purposes only and may differ from actual product. Shipping & Delivery. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Be the first to review 220nF/100V (0.22uF - 2A224J) - Polyester Film Capacitor Cancel reply. Login with your Social ID. Your. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 100pcs 630v 0.33uf 330nf 334j CBB Polypropylene Film Capacitor at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Part Number: Brand: D/C: Qty: Price(USD)Company: 334824002: Molex: 2018+ 20000: 1.83: Bonase Electronics (HK) Co., Limited : 15: 33482-4002: TE: 5673: 3.58: Dedicate. Freies Verschiffen 10 stücke, CBB 334J 400 V 0,33 UF 330NF P15mm Metallisierte Folien kondensator 334 400 V,Kaufen Sie von Verkäufern aus China und aus der ganzen Welt Profitieren Sie von kostenloser Lieferung, limitiere Genießen Sie Kostenloser Versand weltweit! begrenzte Zeit Verkauf einfache Rückkeh You're in the right place for 334j capacitor. By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you're sure to find it on AliExpress. We literally have thousands of great products in all product categories. Whether you're looking for high-end labels or cheap, economy bulk purchases, we guarantee that it's here on AliExpress. You'll find official stores for brand names.

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Buy Quickbuying 10PCS 400V334J 0.33UF Pitch 15mm 400V 330NF CBB22 334J400V Polypropylene Film Capacitor 334J: Capacitors - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchase Electrolytic decoupling capacitors are great transient/surge suppressors. Attach one between the power and ground of your project to ensure smooth power delivery. High quality radial electrolytic capacitors. Note: In case of no stock, we will be either providing the nearest values or refunding the money. For example 50 V or 63 V is nearly the.

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  1. 400V 334J 0.33UF Pitch 15mm 400V 330NF CBB22 334J400V Polypropylene Film Capacitor 334J (1Pcs) ₹ 12.0
  2. Here is my complete conversion chart for all standard capacitor values. This chart allows one to convert between picofarads, nanofarads, and microfarads. With all the values listed here, you will not have any need to use a calculator. Choosing capacitor values can be a real headache for most hobbyists, and engineers
  3. The following are standard capacitor values. Values below 1 uF are generally available with a 5 or 10 percent tolerance. Values over 1 uF are generally available with a 10 or 20 percent tolerance. Values are in Farads with p = pico, n = nano, u = micro, and m = milli. 10p 100p 1.0n 10n 100n 1.0u 10u 100u 1.0m 10m 12p 120p 1.2n 12n 120n 1.2
  4. Simply enter the input impedance of your load in the first row of the first calculator above (Solve for -3db Frequency). In the next row of the same calculator, enter the uF value of the capacitor that is in your unit right now. In most cases, this value will be at least 2 uF, and may be as high as 10 uF or more
  5. The value is followed with the voltage rating, indicating the maximum DC potential that the cap can withstand without damage. In this kit, the 1 µF is rated to 50V, the others are rated to 25V. Polarized. The higher capacitance of electrolytics comes with a somewhat tedious detail -- they are polarized. The positive leg needs to be kept at a higher DC potential than the negative leg. If they're installed backwards, they're prone t
  6. mF = microFarad (not milliFarad as you'd expect)1 F = 1 000 000 000 000 pF. Capacitor values are usually standardized--.10,.22, .33, .47 and so on. However, you might occasionally find an unusual value such as 0.15 or 0.27. You can generally substitute one of these for a single cap in a given circuit

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Has a high range of capacitance value starting from 10pF to 3.3uF; Has a high range of voltage value starting from 16V to 450V; Can withstand a maximum of 105°C temperature . Other Types of Capacitors. Ceramic Capacitor, Box Capacitor, Variable Capacitor, Mylar capacitors. Identifying Ceramic Capacitors . The value of a ceramic capacitance will not be directly mentioned on the capacitor. They're used pretty much universally for the values of resistors and capacitors; often also for other things that have electrical values, such as inductors, Zener diodes (breakdown voltage), and so on. A different system called Renard series is used for fuses and some non-electronic engineering applications. There are different E-series for different tolerances, but there's also a bigger. To select the correct capacitance value, start with 30 to 50μF/kW and adjust the value as required, while measuring motor performance. We also can use this basic formula to calculate capacitor sizing : 2) Determine the voltage rating for capacitor The 3 digit capacitor code 223 stands for 22 nF, in words: twenty-two nanofarads capacitance. This is a simple online calculator for color band resistor marking, inductor color band marking, ceramic or tantalum capacitor 3 digit marking and SMD resistor 3-digit, 4-digit, 10%, 5%, 2% and EIA-96 (E96) 1% tolerance code marking

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  1. A capacitor marking is a code, which indicates the value of the component. It usually consists of three numbers, which indicates the value, and a letter, which indicates the tolerance. Tables usually provide a means to decode the numbers; however, there are also calculators available as well. It is easy to decode because the first two numerals indicate the value and the third numeral indicates the number of trailing zeros to append, known as the multiplier. Then finally, append the unit pF.
  2. (The capacitors wouldn't have to be identical but the results are valid for the general case, and the math is much easier this way.) Let's calculate stored energy E for both circuits. Stored energy in two parallel capacitors, charged to voltage V: Stored energy in two series capacitors, charged to voltage 2V: There is no difference! Both circuits store the same amount of energy. This should confirm a common-sense approach, that would say you can't increase total energy storage.
  3. al value -15.5% to +12.7%. (The obvious outlier, the ceramic disc, was a junk drawer special from a Radio Shack grab bag.) The range of frequencies where the curves cross 0dB headed down on the right is about 728Hz (-11%) to 906Hz (+11%), using linear interpolation. The actual dependency is nonlinear, but we used linear.

330nf/400V (0.33uf/400V - 334J) Myler Capacitor ..

CL = (CX1 / 2) + Cstray. Rearranging the equation, we can find the external load capacitor value: CX1 = 2 (CL - Cstray) For example, if the crystal load capacitance is 15pF, and assuming Cstray=2pF, then: CX1 = CX2 = 2 (15pF - 2pF) = 26pF The time constant of a resistor-capacitor series combination is defined as the time it takes for the capacitor to deplete 36.8% (for a discharging circuit) of its charge or the time it takes to reach 63.2% (for a charging circuit) of its maximum charge capacity given that it has no initial charge. The time constant also defines the response of the circuit to a step (or constant) voltage input. If a ceramic capacitor has three digits - ABC, then the value would be AB*10^C Pico Farad. If ABC is 104 then the digit 104 means 10*104pF = 100000pF = 100nF = 0.1uF. The first two digits of printed code are the first two digits of capacitor value and the third digit gives the number of zeroes to be added so as to get capacitor value in Pico.

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This capacitors in series calculator helps you evaluate the equivalent value of capacitance of up to 10 individual capacitors.In the text, you'll find how adding capacitors in series works, what the difference between capacitors in series and in parallel is, and how it corresponds to the combination of resistors.If you want to familiarize yourself with the formulas (and physics!) of this. The capacitance of a capacitor is measured in the units of Farads. Generally the capacitance values, working voltage and tolerance values are indicated on the body of a capacitor. But sometimes it is difficult to identify these capacitance and voltage values on the capacitor body in the case of decimal values. It also causes misreading of the actual capacitance and voltage values. So, a technique was used to identify the capacitance values by using the letters like p (pico) and n (nano. So a 330uF 50V will suffice. But a 330uF 10V will be a problem. The uF is the capacitance of the capacitor and was chosen by the designer for a particular reason. The circuit may not operate correctly with a different value of capacitor. The Voltage rating is the voltage the capacitor can handle

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Parallel Plate Capacitor Capacitance Calculator. This calculator computes the capacitance between two parallel plates. The first calculator is metric, whereas the second is inches. Small valued capacitors can be etched into a PCB for RF applications, but under most circumstances it is more cost effective to use discrete capacitors. Various dielectric constants are listed below. Metric Units. If your tool has several capacitor settings, choose the range that fits your best guess for the capacitor's correct value. (You can read the capacitor's label to get a rough idea). If there is only one capacitor setting, your multimeter can automatically detect the range. 2. Activate REL mode if present. If your multimeter has a REL button, press it while the test leads are separated. This. value of the capacitor, the applied voltage, a constant adder and, particularly importantly, on the measuring time. Normally the leakage current of an electrolytic capacitor is therefore specified with a formula that contains the capacitance C R and the rated voltage U R and which defines the limit value of the leakage current after a certain measuring time (in this case 2 and 5 minutes), for. Many of the designs require a 500pF air variable capacitor, but all I could find was 630pF. So using your calculator, I was able to see how much capacitance I needed to add in series to bring the 630pF capacitor down to 500pF

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10 sztuk kondensator CBB 334 100V 334J 0.33uF 330nF P5 folia polipropylenowa metalizowana kondensator|cbb capacitor|metallized polypropylene film capacitorsfilm capacitor - AliExpress Jual Capacitor 334j 400volt dengan harga Rp2.000 dari toko online yangkamucari, Jakarta Barat. Cari produk Komponen Listrik lainnya di Tokopedia. Jual beli online aman dan nyaman hanya di Tokopedia 2021 popular Related Search, Hot Search, Ranking Keywords trends in Electronic Components & Supplies, Home Improvement, Consumer Electronics, Home & Garden with 334j and Related Search, Hot Search, Ranking Keywords. Discover over 128 of our best selection of Related Search, Hot Search, Ranking Keywords on AliExpress.com with top-selling Related Search, Hot Search, Ranking Keywords brands

Capacitors : Types and applications | Electronics Is FunOrange Drop 022 Capacitor Ideal For Electric Guitars Using400V CBB Capacitor Assorted Kit,Sample bag,6ValuesX5PCS100pcs 10 Value Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors

With a wide range of dielectric materials, capacitance values, voltage ratings and lead styles, AVX leaded ceramics are available in molded or conformally coated packaging options for applications ranging from commercial electronics to space level systems. Leaded capacitors offer robust mechanical shock and vibration characteristics, exceptional thermal resistance and proven reliability and quality 10pcs CBB 334 250V 334J CL21 0.33uF 330nF P15 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor: Amazon.de: Gewerbe, Industrie & Wissenschaf Murata offers many types of capacitors as Ceramic, Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic, Trimmer, Single Layer Microchip, Variable

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